Welcome to my site dedicated to cuckolding. Ever heard about it ? Well, cuckold relations become more and more popular among liberated couples, especially on the so called West. There are few reasons for that, but let’s describe first what cuckolding actually is.

Cuckold is a term that you name husband that lets his wife to have sexual fun with other partners, especially men. So if you are cuckold in your marriage or relationship, it means that you allow your wife to have sexual pleasure with other pleasure. Why would you ever do that ? For many reasons…

submissive cuckolds

First of all, you may not satisfy your wife by yourself. You – as her beloved husband that prolly feeds your wife and raise her kids – are already to boring for her, being too soft and too weak after all these long years of relationship…That’s why she may start to look for her for some nice bull that she will fully enjoy (“bull” in cuckold relation means “wife’s lover”). Your wife’s bull will always satisfy her with her strong and stiff cock like you – as a cuckold husband – would never do.

So being weak and boring may be one of the reasons why couples play cuckold lifestyle and relationships. The second – also very important reason is kind of different. And it is: you just love to please your wife and watch how she gets maximum pleasure from sexual intercourses with another men. You don’t care that she will have fun with as many men as she will ever want, you just let her have total fun in her life. And you are pleased and proud that you actually do that.

And last – but not least – the third reason why cuckolding became so popular in recent years. And trust me guys – this reason is maybe the worst, much worse than the two previous ones. It is because you are submissive and you love to be ruled by your woman. So in that kind of cuckolding, which I call submissive cuckolding, your wife/ female partner is a dominating side of your relation and she just does what she likes to do. You are with her only because you are useful for her in tasks like buying her food or taking care of all her needs. Like for example – feet massage, some occasional spa trips,  things like that. But what your wife really needs would be that big stiff cock that unfortunately you no longer provide. Upps – you never did !

So your wife takes control and she is a pretty good at it. She may put your dick into chastity, and hold the key for weeks or even months. That way your sexual relief and satisfaction would be totally dependent on her, just like she wants. If your wife knows that you are little bi curious, well than I bet that she will have lots of fun sucking that cock just for her while she maybe take pictures of it to later show it to her female friends. Who knows. You already know – being in submissive cuckold relationship – that your wife/ gf is no longer a woman, she is just a bitch, mean bitch and nothing more.

And you became her submissive cuckold !